Cultivate Your Company Culture

We live in a time in which working together is more important than ever. We work remotely and individually, yet we are part of teams and organizations. We are constantly, digitally connected, yet somehow seem to lack connection.

We adapt to rapidly changing contexts, yet we still have fundamental needs as people while working individually and collaboratively.

We understand the importance of empowering company cultures, and employee well-being and that the two are interconnected, yet we haven’t found a sustainable model that works.

We do a lot as a working society. We strive for productivity and economic growth to live in the Garden of Eden, yet don’t nurture the soil from which great businesses grow. Until MUA.

The Effect

Wemua works for individuals

Individual Effects

Self-Ritualize reflection and awareness
Identify sources of strength and emotional burnout
Close the gap between intention and action
MUA works for Teams

Team Effects

Emotional Responsibility
Better understanding of the overall well-being of the team
Taking action and monitoring the effects together
Consciously identify and discuss ups and downs
MUA Works for companies

Company Effects

Culture Awareness
Unique insights into the well-being of the workplace 
Culture Building
Recognizing and documenting change
Health Insights
Rapid identification of risk and action options
Cultural instrument that involves everyone

Empower All Things Culture

Culture is a large umbrella that covers a multitude of things. There is no “one thing” that creates a perfect culture. You need to pay attention to all the important factors, or you’ll get a one-dimensional, unsuccessful outcome. MUA supports companies on their journey to a healthy and sustainable culture.

MUA believes that healthy work cultures understand that the success of the individual (employee), the collective (teams or workforces), and the overall business are dependent on each other. The more that culture fosters this awareness, the more likely it is to be prosperous.

To build and reignite a corporate culture around awareness is our unique promise and it's the fundamental differentiator between us and other programs out there.  
While most of our competitors promise to manage or control people better by giving them a voice through employee engagement surveys, MUA helps people (employees) to find their voices first and empowers them to participate in a collective setting.

In a nutshell: MUA is about empowering, not controlling people.

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