Leadership Feeling the Pulse of their Teams

Dynamic leaders check in with themselves and their teams regularly, address concerns and help pivot focus when change is needed. By feeling the pulse or the "Energy Available" of their team, they can address concerns prior to crises starting and prevent a work stop from occurring.

Progress Chart

Empower Employees & Teams

MUA progress chart for leaders

The Progress Chart allows leadership and managers to get insightful perspectives about their teams within seconds. Allowing them to compare data across teams is not just valuable but critical for the decision-making process.

Live Insights

Feel the Pulse

MUA feel the pulse of your team

Team leaders can see their team’s emotional state “live” and compare their numbers with previous timeframes. For example: how is your team’s emotional health this Wednesday vs. last Wednesday? That’s truly “feeling the pulse.”

Top 5 - Analytics

Change Your Focus

MUA leadership can change the focus to keep company moral

Understand which activities create the most “love” and “burns” within your teams. Our tag and workflow features completely customize analytics to your needs.

Management Journaling (coming soon)

Understand Your Numbers

MUA Graph with a journal entry

MUA gives analytical data context and meaning. The management journal allows leaders to journal about their policies, team meetings, etc. MUA connects these entries with data allowing leaders to understand where their communication empowers and where it weakens their employees.

Key Features

With MUA you can set up various teams and group employees for better analyticsTags and workflow customize the MUA user experience and analyticsMUA offers various view permissions for an excellent user experienceAnalyze your team's health and compare them for better management decisionsCustom analytics lets team leader see more on MUAs team analytics pageButton showing the feature of a management journal coming soon.

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