Kickstart the EI of Startups

MUA is A B2B SaaS solution, developing the emotional intelligence (EI) of founders, employees, and teams. Investing in EI can greatly benefit the performance and well-being of startups, making them more attractive to potential investors and improving their chances of success.

90% of top-performing founders have a high EI
Startups with high EI have a higher overall survival rate.
VCs are more likely to invest in startups and founders with high EI
shows all basic emotions

What's included?

6- Month Free

MUA Team Plans

MUA Dashboard for Teams

No limitations – choose between our Teams or Growing Teams plans and use the entire platform for free.

All included

Activity evaluation & daily journaling

Insights & learnings for employees

Insights & learnings for leadership

Your Entire Team

Up to 100 Free Users

100 Free users with MUA team

Seriously! There is no point in making only a selection of your people happy. That’s how much we believe in your idea and team.

All included

Up to 100 free users

Discount on additional user

No user limitation at any time

Premium Onboarding & Support

You're Not Alone

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We walk along your side the entire time. From onboarding, to check-ins and even two consulting sessions on culture and people empowerment.

All included

No onboarding fee

Dedicated account manager

2x free consulting sessions

Qualified startups meet all of the criteria below:

New MUA customer

Founding date not older then 2 years

Less than $3m in revenue

Minimum team size of 5 people

Our Story

With machines becoming more advanced and accessible, we realized the key differentiator for a business' success is their people – those who design, understand and guide the artificial intelligence (AI). There is no doubt, AI is accelerating and changing how we live and work.

To succeed in this new world, businesses need another superpower on their side: emotional intelligence (EI).

Our mission is to deliver software that help businesses to maintain their competitive edge through an EI advanced workforce.