What a Time to be Alive – and to be Working

MUA is for those in business who believe company culture is the heartbeat and key to their success.

MUA believes that healthy work cultures understand that the success of the individual (employee), the collective (teams or workforces), and the overall business are dependent on each other. The more that culture fosters this awareness, the more likely it is to be prosperous.

MUA acts as enabler (like a soil builder) of all things culture.

To build and reignite a corporate culture around awareness is our unique promise and it’s the fundamental differentiator between us and other programs out there.

While most of our competitors promise to manage or control people better by giving them a voice through employee engagement surveys, MUA helps people (employees) to find their voices first and empowers them to participate in a collective setting.

In a nutshell: MUA is about empowering, not controlling people.

We Are on a Mission to Build Products that Enrich the Soil from which Great Business Culture Grows.

Their People. Their Passion. Their Relationships.

Our Story

Like many good ideas, MUA too seemed to appear by accident (if there is such a thing as “by accident”).

In my consultant work with clients, I realized how many of us run on auto-pilot day in and out (you know, the program that runs while we are sleeping).

Soon I realized that this program, even with all its benefits (like being able to brush your teeth at 3 am), leaves us unaware of situations or habits that keep us stuck, or are even unhealthy for us (like a bad relationship or biting our nails).

While running on auto-pilot, as comfortable as it may be, we forget to ask ourselves, “is this still the best way moving forward,” leaving us with no space to transform or innovate ourselves.

So I started asking myself “how would the quality of our being, or businesses change if our daily decisions were based on a conscious choice vs. an unaware habit?”

At this point, the basic principle of MUA was born. A system that invites working people to reflect on their daily activities by connecting their emotional responses with one of three symbols.

Why focus on business? Business, in my opinion, is the place where future change will become a reality and my goal is to support companies, no matter their size, in their journey.

Imagine a world where people do what they love and share their love with others.

What an amazing time to be alive – and working!

Julius Geis
Founder & CEO

Julius Geis SIgnature

The MUA 1-2-3s

Website: wemua.com

Product name: MUA

MUA stands for: Me, Us, All

Category: SaaS (Software as Service)

Main market of distribution: United States

Founded in: 2021

Founder: Julius Geis

Funding level: Pre-seed

Open for business: Yes!

Crunchbase: Click here

Our People

MUA Founder and CEO Julius Geis

Julius Geis

Founder & CEO

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”


MUA Founder and CEO Savannah Jung

Savannah Jung

Account Manager, Media Relations

"It's incredible to be a part of something that's so innovative and people-focused. We practice what we preach and that's what makes this so exciting."


image of khero witey, head of growth

Khero Witey

Head of Growth - Global

"Those that reflect, perfect."


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