Building Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the Age of AI.

With machines becoming more advanced and accessible, we realized the key differentiator for a business' success is their people – those who design, understand and guide the artificial intelligence (AI).

There is no doubt, AI is accelerating and changing how we live and work. To succeed in this new world, businesses need another superpower on their side: emotional intelligence (EI).

Our mission is to deliver software that help businesses to maintain their competitive edge through an EI advanced workforce.

Our Mission is to deliver software that help Business to maintain their Competitive Edge through an EI advanced workforce.


The MUA 1-2-3s


Product name: MUA

MUA stands for: Me, Us, All

Category: SaaS (Software as Service)

Main market of distribution: United States

Founded in: 2021

Founder: Julius Geis

Funding level: Pre-seed

Open for business: Yes!

Crunchbase: Click here

Our People

MUA Founder and CEO Julius Geis

Julius Geis

Founder & CEO

"Developing EI and sharpening our awareness of human consciousness is humanity’s opportunity to thrive. ”

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