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Who we work with

MUA’s solutions are designed to make your job easier, no matter your role or team size. And we support freelancers, too.

HR and CHROs

Traditional tools often fall short of giving you the actionable insights you need. Our analytics are different. We offer early-warning signals that empower you to preempt a crisis before it unfolds. So you can transform your team from one that’s overwhelmed to one that consistently improves performance and is capable of achieving anything. Plus, they’ll love working for you. 


Leading a team to peak performance isn’t easy. Not only do you have a lot going on, but your team members are likely spread thin with mounting workloads. If you’re not seeing the results you want, our framework will help you unify your team, so they can become a cohesive unit and deliver measurable improvements.


Today, running a business can be brutally exhausting. On a daily basis, you’re asked to juggle 1,001 tasks and make impossible predictions about the future in an ever-growing, complex world. With MUA’s framework, you'll identify what matters to your team’s success and what doesn’t, so you can spend more time prioritizing the former.

Finance managers

Your team needs learning and development—but how many times have you looked at your income statement and wondered whether the L&D spending was worthwhile? Our framework will help your company stay on track to deliver results, so you won’t need to wonder. Better yet, MUA will help you achieve beyond the expected outcome, guaranteeing higher performance for teams.


If you’re an employee or freelancer who juggles multiple hats, you’re familiar with feeling pressure. But over time, all that pressure can hinder your creativity and ability to think clearly. MUA’s framework will help you reach your peak performance, build better relationships with the people you work with, and deliver on time and on budget—all in just seven minutes of daily activities.



Read about what our offers can do to accelerate your team's performance.

Team performance

Just because company performance is declining doesn’t mean you’re employing the wrong people. Keep your team, but make them better by using MUA's framework, which can help them work cohesively and deliver measurable results.

Effective communication

Remote work can succeed only if teams know how to effectively, compassionately talk with one another. We’ll build their communication skills to help them do just that.

Thriving culture

Your company might have a culture book with a well-written list of ideas and values it stands for. But if your teammates don’t actually experience that culture, there’s a disconnect. We'll show you how to build a thriving culture from the ground up. It all starts with empowering each individual on your team.

Learning and growth mindset

For a company to succeed, its team members need to believe in their ability to learn, develop, and help the company grow. People aren’t necessarily born with this skill—it can be developed, and we’ve got the framework to do just that.

Understanding team potential and interferences

Companies often focus on growing their team’s performance. But they tend to ignore the two factors that influence performance: your employees’ potential and the interferences that keep them from performing at their best. MUA's framework is inspired by Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game equation, which addresses these two factors directly.

Your team, just better

Our ecosystem works. When companies use MUA, they accomplish more faster, have happier employees,
and improve their bottom line.

MUA Performance Software

Improves team performance, in 14 days or less, with only 7 minutes daily.


Learn and grow in a safe space. Team coaching that improve team culture and performance. 


A free, science-backed test to measure your team’s emotional intelligence.

MUA Coaching

From meditation to executive level. Work with vetted coaches to hit your strategic and business goals. 


This out-of-the-box solution efficiently assesses the engagement of your workforce.


A 14-week program blending software and coaching to enhance your team’s emotional intelligence.


MUA Consulting serves as your co-pilot in setting up and navigating through change initiatives.


MUA Pulse is an efficient, program that assesses the job satisfaction of your workforce.


Benefit from white-glove, expert onboarding for all new accounts – no matter the size.

"I love the concept and mission behind MUA and think that smart companies will soon recognize this type of self-reflection for their employees as invaluable for their professional fulfillment (which = productivity)"


Talia Tina – Co-Founder, HD Premier