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Accelerated performance with an easy-to-use app

Our app, MUA Software™, is simple for everyone to use. Easily log and rate your work activities, become more mindful and self-aware through analytics, and more. Plus, leaders can see analytics about their team—so they can better understand team dynamics and prevent crises before they arise.

MUA is a performance-building company that uses software and coaching to improve employees' overall job performance. So employees can do more in less time while increasing the bottom line.

Strong on its own. Fantastic combined with our coaching products. Choose how you want to use our app.

More about MUA Software

MUA Software is a subscription-based service with three available month-to-month plans: "Foundation", "Next Level", and "High Level".

The app helps individuals, teams, and entire companies tweak their performance by identifying daily interferences, addressing them inside the app, and focusing on activities that help them thrive.

And here’s the key: Other technologies offer surface-level results or use vague terminology to guide users. MUA Software uses people’s actual daily work experiences to build insights that offer prompts to unlearn what prevents an optimal state of performance and relearn work habits that accelerate their overall performance.

With just a 7-minute daily commitment, your team's engagement can increase in 14 days or less by at least 30 percent—raising your bottom line.

It's great for teams of all sizes.  

Measurable effects with only 7-minutes daily, and less then 14-days. 

Supports all level of professional self-development and team culture.

Your team, just better

We offer three subscription types. Whichever type you choose, you'll accomplish more faster, have happier employees, and improve your bottom line.



Perfect for DIY-driven teams and companies that want greater insights into their daily performance.

$35 per five user

1 mo. minimum - cancel any time

  • Free initial account setup and onboarding
  • Access to all software features
  • Unlimited custom tags for sentiment analytics of performance interferences and drivers
  • Ability to segment users into teams for detailed reporting capabilities and comparisons
  • Support via email and chat
  • Help guide and template documentation

Next Level


Best choice for teams or companies that want to take their team performance and culture to the next level.

$175 per five user

1 mo. minimum - cancel any time

  • Everything in the "Starter" package, plus:
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Premium support by phone
  • Access to custom reporting
  • One monthly group facilitation
  • Discounts on MUA coaching, and workplace assessment products

High Level


Best choice for teams or companies that are serious about investing into exceptional performance enhancement of their workforce and sustainable results.

$885 per five user

3 mo. minimum - cancel any time

  • Everything in the "Next Level" package, plus:
  • Five one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Quarterly MUA Q assessment and team based analytics
  • Semi-annual company engagement survey
  • Discounts on any additional MUA services and programs

Identify and transform interferences, so you focus more on “flow moments.”


Benefit from white-glove, expert onboarding for all new accounts.


Work efficiently with Google and Microsoft 365 integration.


Transform work performance with guided journal prompts and support.


Get help from our best-of-the-best customer performance service team.


Protect your data with high security and ultimate privacy. 


Detach from negative emotions and gain a clear perspective on your day. 


Enjoy frequently updated templates that help you learn and grow with MUA. 


Get access to reliable storage on desktop and mobile browsers.


Discover which days of the week are your most productive and prioritize them.


Make progress with documentation that helps users find the answers they need. 


Contact us with feedback and enjoy frequent updates. 


We deliver better
team performance

Does MUA support setup, launch, monitoring, and reporting?
Setup and Launch Support:

MUA Software operates on a subscription-based model. Every plan includes free account set-up, onboarding, and launch support from one member of the MUA team.


Foundation comes with full access to our knowledge base, templates, and in-app support. However, the plan does not include any performance monitoring from our team.

Next Level and High Level both plans include a dedicated account manager who will frequently (minimum once a month) oversee the overall account performance.


Foundation comes with full access to our standard in-app reporting features.

Next Level and High Level include access to custom, monthly reports rendered by the dedicated account manager.

Are we able to see the names of our employees as part of the reporting?

No. MUA will never disclose the identity of an employee or any content they write in the software. 

Does MUA integrate with other software?

Yes. It integrates with Google and Microsoft 365.

Does MUA Software include coaching?

Yes, customers who opt into our High Level plan receive five one-on-one coaching sessions from one of our MUA coaches.

Foundation or Next Level plans do not include one-on-one coaching but can be added for an additional fee. 


How HD Premier built a thriving culture with MUA

Hawaii-based destination management company HD Premier has been giving tourists unforgettable experiences for more than 15 years. But when the company grew exceedingly fast, the operational strain left the founders in reactive mode, and they turned to MUA for help. Together, MUA and HD Premier turned things around by restoring their company culture to “one Ohana” — one family.


Connect with one of our team members

Enhance your team’s performance with MUA, a simple, cost-effective, and headache-free solution. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a plan for your success.


Connect with one of our team members

Enhance your team’s performance with MUA, a simple, cost-effective, and headache-free solution. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a plan for your success.