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Case study:
Performance and sustainable growth


MUA is a performance-building company that uses software and coaching to improve employees' overall job performance. So employees can do more in less time while increasing the bottom line.

Founded in 2018 against the scenic backdrop of Maui, Hawaii by the dynamic duo Talia and Jonathan, Hawaii Destination Premier (HDP) swiftly made waves in the destination management sector, specializing in the incentives segment. Despite their rapid ascent to prominence, HDP faced significant challenges, from operational strains and high employee turnover to a divergence from core values and leadership hurdles.


The challenges: a rapid ascent and its consequences

HDP’s impressive growth trajectory prompted its two founders to confront temporary operational challenges, leading them to adopt a more pragmatic and strategic business approach. Striving to balance numerous responsibilities and grappling with increasing workloads, they found themselves in a reactive mode, resulting in a noteworthy turnover of key members within a year.

While a natural evolution for the company, this personnel shift emphasized the importance of sustainable growth and triggered a reassessment of HDP’s internal dynamics. Acknowledging the escalating pressure and uncertainty, the founders strategically sought assistance to tackle these challenges head-on and secure HDP’s long-term success, while upholding its distinctive and unique ethos of treating customers like guests in their own home amidst the competitive travel and hospitality landscape.

"The first thing MUA taught us is seeing our daily interferences to synchronicity and performance as a team."

The approach: turning the tide 

We kicked off with MUA’s workplace assessments “MUA Survey” and “C-Level Sparring” – a series of candid and challenging conversations designed to assist executives in achieving heightened self-awareness, as well as gaining new perspectives and innovative ideas for business improvement. 
During C-Level Sparring, the executives learned that several of their challenges stemmed from operational intricacies, team configuration, and the overall need for scalability as an organization. These sessions also served as a platform for HDP to articulate a clearer and more defined vision of their desired team culture and working environment. 
Building upon this fresh insight uncovered from our workplace assessments, we transitioned to the next venture, MUA Consulting. This phase involved a comprehensive evaluation of all conditions leading to the formulation of a change management strategy. The result shaped a proposal for operational changes and the digitization of workflows. Additionally, updates to HDP’s general policies were made to align with their company value of "One Ohana" (One Family). 
Next, we integrated MUA Software with HDP’s 8-person team. Capitalizing on our Next Level subscription plan, coupled with Facilitation – team members were practice and nurture open dialogues, voice grievances, and cultivate a more resilient, more robust, and intentional culture.  
Our work didn't stop there; we set up ongoing coaching initiatives for leadership and the rest of the team as they navigated their new reality of an evolving organization and culture.


The results: a remarkable transformation 

We are happy to share the remarkable transformation across nearly every facet of HD Premier's business, spanning from employee engagement and retention to culture and operations.  
Employee engagement and retention: Our intervention resulted in significantly higher levels of employee engagement and a substantial improvement in employee retention, even during the 'seasonal' times when things get busy.
Enhanced team collaboration and morale: The team's energy and dynamics experienced a positive shift, marked by heightened autonomy, increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and an outstanding 80% employee satisfaction rate. 
Leadership development: HDP’s leaders emerged as more self-aware and effective, adept at balancing the needs of the organization with those of the individuals within the team.  
Increased productivity and reduced operational strain: Our approach brought a notable 20% increase in overall productivity and a significant higher rate of team collaboration, delivering the one-of-a-kind destination experience HDP had envisioned when first embarking on this transformative business journey.  

With MUA, all teams can benefit from our proven way to improve team performance, no matter how many people are on that team.

The conclusion: sustainable success through targeted intervention 

Our partnership with HDP marked a pivotal moment in their journey. With their intentions directed toward leadership development, team dynamics, and culture building, we helped HDP stabilize its growth, minimize turnover, and return to its core values. This case study serves as a testament to the potency of focused coaching and team development in improving team performance and reshaping a company's internal landscape; it paves the way for sustainable success.

Connect with one of our team members

Enhance your team’s performance with MUA, a simple, cost-effective, and headache-free solution. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a plan for your success.


Connect with one of our team members

Enhance your team’s performance with MUA, a simple, cost-effective, and headache-free solution. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a plan for your success.