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MUA Live: Transforming Burnout into High Performance with Bela Castro

Statistically, 89% of Americans have experienced burnout in the past year, a state of exhaustion due to overwhelming work or personal circumstances. No matter the source of your stress—be it a complex project, multiple looming deadlines, a conflict with a co-worker or boss, or even personal issues—you’ll get closer to overcoming burnout by embracing self-mastery, the art of optimizing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

In this upcoming MUA Live Event, coach Bela Castro will show you how to unlock the keys to self-mastery. Bela is a former professional tennis player who holds certifications in personal training, nutrition, positive psychology, food and health, and reiki—from ISSA, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Stanford University, and Master Pao Strickland, respectively. Her insights will help you live a better quality of life and improve your work performance.

Watch the entire session with Bela Castro from November 8, 2023


About Bela Castro

Isabela (Bela), a former tennis player, discovered her passion for selfmastery through life's challenges. After getting a divorce, relocating, and leaving her job, she earned certifications in personal training, nutrition, positive psychology, behavioral science, and life coaching. Her life’s mission is to empower others through her knowledge and experience, so people can live their best lives using the power of self-realization, actualization, and optimization.