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Your goals, now achievable

MUA improves overall job performance and leadership skills at your company—without exhausting your team or draining your budget.


Running a biz ain’t easy

Today, running a business can be brutally exhausting. On a daily basis, you’re asked to juggle 1,001 tasks and make impossible predictions about the future in an ever-growing, complex world. No wonder burnout rates are going through the roof, and more startups are failing to hit their funding milestones.  


Keep your head (way) above water

The truth is you can’t please everyone and everything demanding your attention. But you can learn how to prioritize what truly matters and keep your head above water. MUA’s framework will help you identify what matters and what doesn’t while you run your business, empowering you to become laser-focused on your priorities. 


Deliver what you promised

Implementing MUA in your business or startup will do more than make you a better leader and help you connect more profoundly with your team. Eighty-seven percent of VCs look at a founder's EQ as part of their decision-making process. So MUA will also increase your chances of hitting your next funding goal. Just facts, my friend! 



VCs look at a founder's EQ as part of their decision-making process


Higher closing rates for sales teams 


Average increase in employee engagement
Products, Service & Software

Thoughtfully designed products to improve team performance

We meticulously craft all of our products, services, and software to align with your organization’s ambitions. Pick one or many of our out-of-the-box programs. Or, have us mix and match solutions specifically for your company. Whatever you choose, we’ll make sure we give your team the support they need to reach their goals and thrive. 




Empower people with easy-to-use software

MUA software is easy to roll out to employees and leadership teams. It’ll help you pinpoint interferences, enhance performance, and develop skills—plus, our software comes with exceptional customer support.

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Boost team engagement with weekly facilitation sessions

Join weekly virtual facilitation sessions hosted by a MUA coach. These sessions hold space for employees to collaboratively share insights and learnings, developing their communication and problem-solving skills.

shows group of people, happy, that just had a mua coaching session

Reach your goals with bespoke coaching and consulting

Every MUA program comes with guidance from our vetted coaches and consultants. Whether you want to focus on mindfulness or team resilience, advanced data insights, or something else, our diligent coaches can tailor their guidance to meet your specific objectives.

Get Started WITH MUA

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Say no to complex software and products your team can’t stand. Your employees will love using MUA’s accessible, easy-to-use platform.

Say no to freakishly long onboarding and costly training sessions. All MUA products and services come with white-glove service. That means we handle everything for you, from setup to reporting.

Say no to untransparent expenses and rising subscription costsOur pricing is upfront. We even offer a program that’s free, forever! 



Show your investors that you know your business inside and out—and address all the soft risks that cause businesses to fail. MUA has your funding goal covered.


Our daily practices transform interferences that teams face into neutral settings, helping teams double down on work that promotes flow and growth.


Your team members, no matter how many you have, will learn to identify and communicate their needs clearly while tuning into others and improve as a team.