A SaaS Solution, Raising the Resilience and Adaptability of Teams Using the Power of Mindfulness.

Real Engagement Comes from Within

We have made some fundamental changes to our solution, moving away from the survey-based approach used by most competitors in the market.

MUA believes that real engagement comes from the within of an organization, from the reflection, learning and decision-making of the individual people, and cannot be mandated top-down.

Consequentially, MUA's core functionality is about strengthening people's self-reflection, mindfulness and sharpening their self-awareness.

People using MUA receive skills and mental qualities that they own (no matter what) affecting their level of joy, performance and engagement overall.

Implementing New Qualities

Button showing the learning quality "adaptation"Button showing the learning quality "recalibration"Button showing the learning quality "mindfulness"
Wemua App Activity Dashboard Element

Employees evaluate their daily activities with MUA, choosing one of our three symbols, strengthening their emotional intelligence.

Make Leadership, HR and Management an Inclusive Part of the Journey

Create Meaningful, Real-Time Data

Today's businesses are under a lot of pressure. What's different from previous decades is the speed and number of disruptions happening all at once. The effects on teams are huge, leading to fear, sickness and low productivity.

MUAs analytics help HR and business leaders to feel the pulse or "Energy Available" of their organization to stay on top of their team's health.

Support Your Team in Key Moments

It takes an entire organization to develop and maintain high-performing and agile teams. Offering the right support at the right time becomes crucial, so your team has the assistance they need. MUAs leadership analytics gives leadership and HR insights in real-time, so these tipping points aren't missed.

Wemua Progress Charts

Leaders monitor their team’s interactions in real-time and feel the pulse of their organization, uncover hidden pains and gains, and prevent crises before they even start.

Wemua Dashboard Statistics
Graphic showing the MUA "My Analytics" dashboard.
Wemua Employee Dashboard

Teams adapt and thrive with a changing environment

Teams recalibrate instead of getting stuck

Teams remain resilience and strong even in difficult times



Able to adapt and recalibrate

Stay calm and thrive in stressful situations

Become a better team player in a self-organized environment


HR Departments

Improved employee retention

Added value for retraining and acquiring talents

Improved ROI on existing people & culture initiatives



To support your team

To get valuable insights about employee health

To improve decision making skills

Teams Start at $10 per Seat

Simple to integrate
Easy to Use
Very cost efficient
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MUA: Me. Us. All.

I love the concept and mission behind MUA and think that smart companies will soon recognize this type of self-reflection for their employees as invaluable for their professional fulfillment (which = productivity).

Talia Tinao of HD-Premier
Talia Tinao
Co-Founder, HD-Premier

I was surprised to see how simple the idea and execution was – almost too simple to be useful, I thought. I quickly realized how powerful the practice of self-inventory, of time/resource spending and self-reflection of thought was.

Jason Drass of Bull & Beard
Jason Drass
Co-Founder, Bull & Beard

When using MUA in leadership programs, I found that the more diligent MUA users reported an increased alertness and empathy, they felt more resilient in stressful situations, and they were more aware of their "joy" moments.

Dr. Kai Haack of Spirit of Coaching
Dr. Kai Haack
Founder, spirit of coaching

Our Story

Like many good ideas, MUA too seemed to appear by accident (if there is such a thing as “by accident”).

In my consultant work with clients, I realized how many of us run on auto-pilot day in and out (you know, the program that runs while we are sleeping).

Soon I realized that this program, even with all its benefits (like being able to brush your teeth at 3 am), leaves us unaware of situations or habits that keep us stuck, or are even unhealthy for us (like a bad relationship or biting our nails).

While running on auto-pilot, as comfortable as it may be, we forget to ask ourselves, “is this still the best way moving forward,” leaving us with no space to transform or innovate ourselves.

So I started asking myself “how would the quality of our being, or businesses change if our daily decisions were based on a conscious choice vs. an unaware habit?”

At this point, the basic principle of MUA was born. A system that invites working people to reflect on their daily activities by connecting their emotional responses with one of three symbols.

Why focus on business? Business, in my opinion, is the place where future change will become a reality and my goal is to support companies, no matter their size, in their journey.

Imagine a world where people do what they love and share their love with others.

What an amazing time to be alive – and working!

Julius Geis
Founder & CEO

Julius Geis SIgnature

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