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We Put the Power of Culture in the Hands of Those Who Shape it.

Having a strong company culture is important, especially in times like these. Unfortunately, most culture initiatives fail. Why? The people aren’t ready. MUA helps!

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Simple to integrate
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For all team sizes

Empowering Your Culture and Culture Initiatives with our People First Approach

The Mindful Employee

Most companies want an empowering company culture and spend a lot of time and money on that. They think, when we involve our people, through questionnaires, surveys or feedback loops, people feel acknowledged. Here is the truth. They don’t!

MUA engages with employees differently than other programs do, helping them understand what they like, dislike, and why. The mindful employee.

Moving forward, mindful employees have the ability to truly contribute to a company’s culture since they are able to express themselves and contribute to others.

Smart Integrations

MUA integrates directly with your Microsoft 365 subscriptionButton indicating an integration to Google Calendar with Coming Soon.MUA works steadily on more integration for our SaaS product
Wemua App Activity Dashboard Element

Employees evaluate their daily activities with MUA, choosing one of our three symbols, strengthening their emotional intelligence.

Wemua Employee Dashboard
Image in Gallery shows the MUA personal analytics page

Key Features

MUA practices mindfulness to employees and leadershipMUA helps employees to gain awareness with its journal functionMUA offers smart filters for better analytical resultsAssign tags to activities in MUAMUAs data is like your personal health tracker for your companyMUAs growth plan lets you compare teams with each other

The Aware Leader

Most companies want leaders to build an environment that empowers employees to contribute to the company cause to the best of their ability. They think of an inspiring culture where people come together, happy and excited, identifying themselves with the company. But that’s not the case and it shouldn’t be expected either.

MUA analytical dashboard gives leaders insights to become better listeners, to see what’s truly going on with their team and the ability to connect with employees to figure out solutions (help) that make everybody feel heard and seen.

Moving forward, the aware leader feels the pulse of their organization, uncovers hidden pains and gains, and prevents crises before they even start.

Wemua Progress Charts

Leaders monitor their team’s interactions in real-time and feel the pulse of their organization, uncover hidden pains and gains, and prevent crises before they even start.

Wemua Dashboard with Calendar and Activity Tracker
Wemua Dashboard Statistics

Key Features

With MUA you can set up various teams and group employees for better analyticsTags and workflow customize the MUA user experience and analyticsMUA offers various view permissions for an excellent user experienceAnalyze your team's health and compare them for better management decisionsCustom analytics lets team leader see more on MUAs team analytics pageButton showing the feature of a management journal coming soon.

Employees love to come to work.

Employees are able to communicate their needs without feeling judged.

Teams are resilient and thrive together.

Practice self-reflection and self-care for leadership.

Management levels can identify and prevent crises before they even start.

Business goals and well-being now go hand in hand.

For Themselves


To calm levels of stress

To get new impulses
(learn & grow)

To become a better team player

For Their Group


To communicate better

To learn and express needs (no judgement)

To self-organize and self-care

For Better Leadership


To support your team

To get valuable insights about employee health

To improve decision making skills

It starts at $1 per person

Simple to integrate
Easy to Use
For all team sizes
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MUA: Me. Us. All.

I love the concept and mission behind MUA and think that smart companies will soon recognize this type of self-reflection for their employees as invaluable for their professional fulfillment (which = productivity).

Talia Tinao of HD-Premier
Talia Tinao
Co-Founder, HD-Premier

I was surprised to see how simple the idea and execution was – almost too simple to be useful, I thought. I quickly realized how powerful the practice of self-inventory, of time/resource spending and self-reflection of thought was.

Jason Drass of Bull & Beard
Jason Drass
Co-Founder, Bull & Beard

When using MUA in leadership programs, I found that the more diligent MUA users reported an increased alertness and empathy, they felt more resilient in stressful situations, and they were more aware of their "joy" moments.

Dr. Kai Haack of Spirit of Coaching
Dr. Kai Haack
Founder, spirit of coaching

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