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Your Culture

Uncertainty about the future stresses employers and employees equally, causing fluctuation and unhappiness in the workplace. The good news? MUA releases these stressors and rebuilds work culture sustainably.

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for themselves


To calm levels of stress

To get new impulses
(learn & grow)

To become a better team player

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for their group


Helps teams to communicate better

Helps teams to be more focused

Helps teams to self-lead

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for the entire company


Supports remote operations

Prevents crisis and burnout

Promotes cultural change

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MUA measures and improves employees mental health and happiness while giving employers feedback to prevent crises before they even start.

Less: Exhausted, overwhelmed, fragile, stuck, limited or being too busy.
More: Energized, calm, focused, resilient, adaptable, mentally awake and present.

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Loved by Employees

Before MUA: Employees felt stressed by feedback forms sent by their employers and would not participate. After MUA: Teams are engaging with their tools daily, learning about themselves and gaining insights into their performance and about the happiness in their workplace.


Of employees feel incredibly burned out according to a survey by "The Hartford."


Of employees say they don't see a clear career path at the company they are at.

Real Insights to Improve

Best case before MUA: Employers were guesstimating the happiness of their employees: After MUA: Employers are on top of ongoing developments and can act before a crisis occurs.


of CEOs accept that the labor shortage will disrupt their business in the next 12 months.


of CEOs know that attracting, recruiting and retaining talent are among their organization's biggest challenges.

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No Band-Aid

Before MUA: Most efforts to improve mental health by companies were nothing more than a band-aid solution. With MUA: Companies sustainably change their culture around mental health and happiness.


Of working people desire a more open culture around mental health.


Of working people wish for real policy change on the work side of mental health.

MUA: Me, Us, All

I love the concept and mission behind MUA and think that smart companies will soon recognize this type of self-reflection for their employees as invaluable for their professional fulfillment (which = productivity).

Talia Tinao of HD-Premier
Talia Tinao
Co-Founder, HD-Premier

I was surprised to see how simple the idea and execution was – almost too simple to be useful, I thought. I quickly realized how powerful the practice of self-inventory, of time/resource spending and self-reflection of thought was.

Jason Drass of Bull & Beard
Jason Drass
Co-Founder, Bull & Beard

When using MUA in leadership programs, I found that the more diligent MUA users reported an increased alertness and empathy, they felt more resilient in stressful situations, and they were more aware of their "joy" moments.

Dr. Kai Haack of Spirit of Coaching
Dr. Kai Haack
Founder, spirit of coaching