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Register today and become an early adopter in the world of corporate mental health. MUA BETA is an international focus group co-designing our next platform, MUA Digital.

+ Get access to conduced research around corporate mental health

+ Co-design the next innovation and get early access

+ Benefit from lifetime discounts

+ More...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BETA?

MUA is seeking BETA candidates to help us by giving feedback, testing prototypes and co-creating our upcoming MUA platform.

Who is it for?

+ Teams, 10+ people
+ Entire companies, 10+ people
+ Founders (Freelancer, single Entrepreneurs)

All industries are welcome.

What are we asking for?

Participation in surveys and/or 1:1 interviews on new ideas, development stages, design phases and product functionality.

How much of your time?

Maximum one hour per month. The program has an estimated run time of six months.

What's in it for you?

+ Lifetime discount on the final product "MUA Platform."

+ Attractive discount on current MUA products.

+ Co-develop an innovative product in the corporate mental health space and benefit from early access and research in this space.

When does BETA start?

The program will begin earliest 06/01/22. We will inform all participants ahead of time.