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Accelerating workplace performance 

At MUA, we improve performance for your whole team, including leaders and team members. No time or money wasted, no administrative headaches.

MUA is a performance-building company that uses software and coaching to improve employees' overall job performance. So employees can do more in less time while increasing the bottom line.

You have the right team. They can accomplish anything. And together, we can make that possible. 

Experience measurable enhanced performance

When we designed our framework, we flipped the coin on how performance enhancement in teams and organizations is typically facilitated. Too many times in our career we observed, that traditional concepts, such as forcing company performance goals, write culture manifest from top-down, most likely will fail in its adaptation throughout the organization. Think about this as "outside-in".

Instead, we experienced, that in teams, where individuals have a collaborative part in their culture building, the acceptance of performance, and or engagement initiatives, are more likely to be adapted successfully by the employees. Think about this as "inside-out".

We simplified it in our MUA performance equation:

Your best performance =  work accelerating your energy - work burning your energy

Companies who work with MUA set-up their employees to sharpen their self-awareness and self-image first, now allowing employees to authentically contribute to their team as well as become a socially aware teammate.

And it works!

MUA helps employees identify daily work that prevents them from performing at their best.

MUA encourages employees to prioritize work that lead to peak performance moments for better outcomes in less time.

MUA builds an environment where teams thrive, and collaborate with leadership to set and achieve goals.

It's not an accident why MUA stands for 'Me. Us. All.' – modern, successful teams are built from the inside-out.

Knock obstacles out of the way

We believe you have the right team. And we believe they’re capable of accomplishing anything. If only daily obstacles weren't holding them back! When we start working with teams, we help identify those obstacles, enabling your employees to power through their work seamlessly.




Focus on activities that boost performance

The key to outstanding performance lies not just in understanding the obstacles your team faces, but in directing their focus toward activities that allow them to thrive. MUA helps teams pinpoint these sweet spots and intensify their efforts there. 




Use analytics to evolve

At MUA, we think of our analytics as “feedback” for both users and management, empowering both groups to optimize their job performance.




Self-discover with experts at your side

We believe technology works best when people are guiding it. That's why MUA always includes access to various experts in its programs and products. Whether it's à la carte or inclusive in a program—our coaches, mediation trainers, and dedicated account managers are all here to make your journey successful and effective.



Your team, just better

Our ecosystem works. When companies use MUA, they accomplish more faster, have happier employees,
and improve their bottom line.

MUA Performance Software

Improves team performance, in 14 days or less, with only 7 minutes daily.


Learn and grow in a safe space. Team coaching that improve team culture and performance. 


A free, science-backed test to measure your team’s emotional intelligence.

MUA Coaching

From meditation to executive level. Work with vetted coaches to hit your strategic and business goals. 


This out-of-the-box solution efficiently assesses the engagement of your workforce.


A 14-week program blending software and coaching to enhance your team’s emotional intelligence.


MUA Consulting serves as your co-pilot in setting up and navigating through change initiatives.


MUA Pulse is an efficient, program that assesses the job satisfaction of your workforce.


Benefit from white-glove, expert onboarding for all new accounts – no matter the size.

Incredibly Powerful Tool

“It really helps reflect and pinpoint the things that give our team and myself energy vs the ones that take energy. Incredible powerful.”

Phil Kuehnen
Founder & CEO, Gev Gravy

Our Team Just Got Better

I love the concept and mission behind MUA and think that smart companies will soon recognize this type of self-reflection for their employees as invaluable for their professional fulfillment (which = productivity). We recently implemented MUA and I couldn't be more happy!

Talia Tinao
Co-Founder, HD Premier

Connect with one of our team members

Enhance your team’s performance with MUA, a simple, cost-effective, and headache-free solution. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a plan for your success.


Connect with one of our team members

Enhance your team’s performance with MUA, a simple, cost-effective, and headache-free solution. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a plan for your success.