Resilient Employees & Agile Teams

Empowered employees and teams foster resilience and can adapt and succeed in the face of uncertainty instead of becoming frustrated and stagnant. Agile teams are able to be more efficient, effective and engage in dynamic decision-making. Instead of fighting the current, they find their flow, their confidence and are able to excel.

Activity Widget

Empower Employees & Teams

Wemua App Activity Dashboard Element

The Activity Widget is the backbone of MUA. It’s the place where all daily activities are collected first before the user interacts with them. It’s truly simple: log in daily, go over your existing daily activities, add those which are missing and interact (choose one of three symbols) - that’s it.


Take Notice

MUA Dashboard with calendar and features

Our simple journal widget gives employees the chance to make notes throughout their day. There is so much research about the positivity of journaling - MUA brings these benefits to the workplace in a smart and simple form.

Top 5 - Analytics

Change Your Focus

MUA Analytics for loving activities

Understand the association between certain activities and certain emotions. MUAs analytical side gives employees straightforward insights about their workday, allowing them to address unhealthy habits.

Journal Analytics

Understand Your Numbers

MUA Graph with a journal entry

MUA gives analytical data context and meaning. Users can hover over their Progress Chart and open up their journal entries at the same time. Now, data becomes meaningful and allows employees to understand their why’s.

Key Features

MUA practices mindfulness to employees and leadershipMUA helps employees to gain awareness with its journal functionMUAs data is like your personal health tracker for your companyMUA offers smart filters for better analytical resultsMUAs growth plan lets you compare teams with each otherAssign tags to activities in MUAMUA integrates directly with your Google CalendarMUA integrates directly with your Microsoft 365 subscriptionThe MUA app gets updated frequentlyMUA is built on high security and privacy standards

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