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A new way of work culture is just around the corner.

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MUA sustainably changes work culture around mental health and happiness.

MUA is not just an app or a coaching program. MUA is a system that helps individuals, teams and entire companies to change their work culture.


Data is collected (the individual evaluates activities through emotional feedback).

WHO: Individuals
HOW: MUA Journal,  Platform


Anonymized analysis of the obtained data. Overview in team dashboard.

WHO: Team Leads
HOW: MUA Platform


Insights and findings are discussed together with the team.

WHO: Entire Team
HOW: Check-In Sessions


Future actions are defined together and documented.

WHO: Entire Team / Leadership
HOW: MUA Platform

The MUA Journal

Like most big ideas, MUA started with simply putting pen to paper, literally. The MUA Journal was the first product that we launched with the goal of helping professionals learn about themselves, what brings them joy, and what they need to be successful.

MUA Journal Open to an example page
MUA Journal Open to Example Page

Choosing Happiness

Businesses that have bought and implemented the MUA Journal have been able to change their company culture to focus on promoting authentic happiness as a pillar of the organization. Using our simple process, they've seen significant results such as increased engagement, higher productivity, and most importantly, happier employees.

Even with the MUA Journal's success, we knew that expanding upon it would reach even more people who could benefit from it. We created MUA Digital as a way for users to interact further with our system and so that teams in any work style (on-site, remote, or hybrid) could access it. The Journal is still the heart and soul of MUA and will always be our grounding point for how and why we want to help others.

That being said, we are so excited to see how MUA Digital can help teams and individuals and for it to shine in its own way. If your team is ready to start working, living, and being overall happier, fill out the form below to begin your MUA Journey. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and we will be here to help every step of the way.